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Module  Development of the Learning Community

Student Participation Evaluation

Destroys sense of community
No harm - no benefit
Passive member of community
Contributor to community development
Acknowledgement of other members of learning community Seldom refers to other students or their contributions in postings Occasionally responds to the postings of others but only to the same one or two persons; limited types of response Acknowledges several members of the learning community; uses more than one type of response Acknowledges nearly all other members of the learning community through a variety of techniques such as commenting on their posts, asking them questions, and encouraging their exploration of new ideas
Appreciation for diversity of thought Sharply criticizes all posts with which the student disagrees Ignores students with whom the student disagrees Occasionally interacts with students who express different ideas Welcomes different ideas, asks questions, and actively seeks to understand other viewpoints and perspectives
Sensitivity to the feelings of others Lacks netiquette; makes comments that may offend based on gender, age, ethnicity, etc. Uses neutral language; rarely expresses an opinion with which others might disagree Observes good netiquette; usually chooses words carefully Consistently expresses opinions tactfully, even during hearty debates; may act as a peacemaker in the event of conflicts
Commitment to the common learning goal Shows no interest in learning community activities Participates in some discussions but does little to offer additional insight Participates in most discussions and remains on topic Initiates discussions, builds on the ideas of others, demonstrates critical thinking
Contribution to the development of other members Does not participate in group activities; may monopolize conferences with long, self-referring posts Occasionally responds to postings but does not contribute constructive comments Makes helpful comments on the postings of others; may help others by example Encourages participation, risk-taking, leadership, and exploration by other students; shares references to learning resources