This tutorial is designed to provide you with a number of texts, examples and tools that support your understanding and the development of the portfolio required in the capstone course. There is no portfolio development software provided (or prescribed) by UMUC. This 'tutorial is structured to be non-prescriptive and let you explore and make your own decisions on how you wish to organize your work and create your portfolio. It is not interactive with the exception that dead links can be reported to the Webmaster. Below is an overview of the main pages.

With this tutorial – which is introduced in MDE 601 we hope to alleviate the stress that comes with having to assemble content and develop a website in the final capstone course. We would like students to work on their portfolios continuously. This is necessary because students who want to register for 690 must provide a draft of their portfolio prior to registration. This will give you enough time to develop the necessary technical skills throughout the program and consistently reflect on your learning.

Against this background the first page provides information that is directly related to the MDE requirements and to UMUC resources. The tutorial includes and introductory page on the topics of 'portfolios', 'learning journals' and in turn links to associated theories, thoughts and practices and examples. A further page ‘Tools’ links more directly to existing free or inexpensive products and resources for portfolio and learning journal development. The last page links to other resources that might be of interest.


This page takes you to information that is specific to the MDE Capstone course and the portfolio required for that course.


This page provides you with information on portfolios in general and contains links to articles, experiences with portfolios and programs at other institutions as well as other related resources. It also links to further pages with examples and practices.


This page provides you with general information to learning journals. Although this is not required in the MDE program you may find it useful in preparing your portfolio, your final project in the capstone course as well as keeping track of your collected resources from the MDE courses. It also links to further pages with examples and practices.


This page will acquaint you with an array of tools and information regarding portfolios and learning journals as well as direct you to a number of free or inexpensive resources.


This page lets you further explore the topic of portfolios and learning journals and also includes a number of other related resources.




Any suggestions or resources are welcome - please contact us below!


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