Dear Class Members,

We kindly ask you for 10 minutes to complete this questionnaire.

Our intention is to identify the main factors, which contributed to your learning outcomes in this course.
The questionnaire also allows you to comment critically on the now ending OMDE 606 course.

We appreciate your feedback as helpful for the evaluation of your experiences as well as a tool for the planning of our future courses.

1. To what extent did the following elements of OMDE 606 contribute to positive learning outcomes for you?
(You have a zero-to-ten-point scale for each item with a rating of "zero" meaning the item contributed nothing and "ten" meaning the item contributed a great deal to your learning outcomes).

  not at all
to a great extent
1.1. The required reading.
1.2. Additional recommended readings
1.3 Recommended URLs
1.4. The course arrangement and the content presentation online by Thomas Hülsmann
1.5. Contributions and Interventions made by Thomas Hülsmann in the conference discussions
1.6. Contributions and Interventions made by Greville Rumble in the conference discussions
1.7. Contributions and Interventions made by Tony Bates in the conference discussions
1.8. Individual e-mail interactions with the instructor(s) outside of the conference discussions.
(Leave blank if not applicable.)
1.9. Individual e-mail interactions with peers outside of the conference discussions.
(Leave blank if not applicable.)
1.10. Your own active participation in the on-line discussions: Reading & writing comments and questions
1.11. Witnessing the on-line discussions: Reading but NOT writing comments and questions
1.12. Participating in study groups
1.13. Assignment 1 (cost analysis)
1.14. Assignment 2 (essay)
1.15. Assignment 3 (collaborative work)
1.16. Economics Café
1.17. Preweek
1.18. Module 1: The expansion of ...
1.19. Module 2: Cost analysis
1.20. Module 3: Cost-effectiveness of DE institutions
1.21. Vulnerabilty debate
1.22. Module 4: Costing educational technologies
1.23. Module 5: The costs of e-learning
1.24. Module 6: Web 2.0
1.25. Module 7: Costs & economics of student support


2. Which are the main critical aspects of the OMDE 606 course you would like to comment on.
Please add your comments in the box below which provides unlimited space:

Please, add your name in order to avoid multiple submissions from one person. However, your name will not become part of the evaluation and your anonymity will be observed.


Thank you very much for your collaboration.
Thomas Hülsmann, Program Director