Ulrich Bernath and Eugene Rubin (Eds.)
Final Report and Documentation of the Virtual Seminar for Professional Development in Distance Education
A Project within the AT&T Global Distance Learning Initiative
sponsored by
the AT&T Foundation
and The International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE)


BIS-Verlag (Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg Publisher) 1999

ISBN 3-8142-0657-6

€ 50.00


Table of Contents 
Introduction and Guide to the Documentation  5
Virtual Seminar Web Homepage  13
Pre Seminar Survey  15
List of Participants  17
Seminar Leaders’ and Experts’ Biographies  19
The official "Introduction and Welcome" to the Seminar  27
Virtual Seminar Readings  31
Week 1: Introduction to Distance Education  33
Week 2: Foundations of Distance Education  61
Week 3: Institutional Models of Distance Education  107
Week 4: Theories in Distance Education  139
Week 5: Technology in Distance Education  167
Week 6: Topics and Projects  189
Week 7: Student Support and Assessment  207
Week 8: Instructional Design and Course Development  225
Week 9: Technology Applications  252
Week 10: Summary and Conclusions  269
Week 11: The Seminar Revisited  315
Helmut Fritsch: Host contacted, waiting for reply  355
Web Server Statistics  379
Articles and Papers Relating to the Virtual Seminar by the Seminar Leaders  391